Meet the Blog’s Founders


Hi, i’m Sarah dickerson!

I am a senior in high school, attending Saint Mary’s Hall in Texas. While my school does not offer Mandarin as a language, I have been teaching myself and will start classes at the local university in the fall, hoping to continue taking classes in college. Additionally, I am a member of China’s Children International (CCI).

I was adopted from Shaoyang City, Hunan in late 2002 when I was eight months old. Since I go to a small, primarily white school, I was never surrounded by other adoptees, or even other Asians.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with finding myself and how my adoption impacted me. However, a couple of years ago, I joined some Facebook groups for Chinese adoptees and really started to accept adoption and build relationships with fellow adoptees. I listened other people’s stories, which in turn inspired me to write about my experiences as well.

I hope this blog will encourage communication and foster a sense of community among adoptees, reminding everybody that they are not alone - you are not alone.

Always remember that,



Hi, i’m lucy Garberg!

I’m a senior from Massachusetts who attends Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. On campus, I’m involved in a magazine focusing on Asian topics and I take Mandarin. I hope to continue to pursue Mandarin in college. Outside of class, I’m involved with China’s Children International (CCI).

When I was 10 months old, I was adopted from Yi Yang, Hunan in 2002. Growing up, I didn’t have many Asian (or even Chinese) peers. It didn’t bother me too much, but it was always in the background that I was “the only Asian.”

After my freshman year of high school, I transferred schools and began to find my Chinese-American identity through learning Mandarin and the newfound Asian community (I wrote a personal essay, “Mirror,” on this). Later, I joined some groups online and began to connect with other people with similar stories, sharing mine at the same time. I hope that our blog will further self-discovery, compassion, connection and love.