Schafer bailey | Regular Contributor

My name is Schafer Bailey, and I was adopted from Changzhou, China. Born as Xinlei Chang, I’ve always had somewhat of an identity crisis. Finding a place where is belong and where I fit has always been my biggest struggle, and as an adoptee I think it’s important to remember where we came from. We should not be ashamed of the past; instead, we should be sharing it with one another. Only then, can we begin to heal.

sara conway

SARA CONWAY is a teller of many tales, both fictional and real. As an avid lover of books and K-pop, you can probably find her with her nose buried in her Kindle or staring out the window with her earbuds in. Because of books, she recently connected with other adoptees who are also book lovers. Through this, she has realized that impacts of her adoption often comes from the most unexpected places. Sara was adopted from Nanchang of Jiangxi province in China. She now resides in New York with her family.

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lily fishleder

Lily 霓虹 Fishleder, born in YiWu, adopted in 1995, grew up in New York City and currently lives in Richmond, IN pursuing her social work and social well-being career track. A recently certified Yoga Teacher (2019) and graduate from Earlham College (2017), she loves dogs, sewing, teaching, and positively impacting her community in the ways that inspire her to create and connect. Compassion for and desire to understand others drove receive her bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Social Relations. As an adoptee, Lily feels led to pursue the meaning of this fact, and continues to explore, discuss, and read to further her personal narrative and connect to others. Value driven, and caring, she wants to pursue higher education when the time is right to better contribute to the well-being of the communities, she is in. She is open to queries, conversations, and new perspectives.